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This website is dedicated for everything related to 2A for the 613 community.

This site will get updated periodically. Due to the fact that states constantly make changes either because of a court order or otherwise, and I continuingly find more topics to add, I advise to check this site frequently. This website was last updated 5/21/2024

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I created this website to help the 2A 613 community at no charge to navigate the twisted, unconstitutional application process. The only fees you will be paying is for to the NYPD.

I understand that for some it can be overwhelming.


Due to popular demand: If you need assistance with this process, feel free to contact for a consultation:

  • Review your needs & your unique circumstances.
  • Advise on what the best approach to take.
  • Assist with all the paperwork, including the Notary Services.
  • Schedule you for the 18-hour training.
  • Walk you through step by step till the finish line.

It‘s a complete White-Glove Service Package.

This is not a free service. I created this website to help everyone that can follow the instructions to do it on their own for free. If you are overwhelmed and need a white-glove approach, I can help.

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Did you receive a Fingerprinting appointment from 1pp that‘s more than 6 months from now? or, been waiting more than 6 months from sumbitting your application and waiting for an approval?

This announcement is towards any applicant who either:

  • Has received an appointment from 1PP for their Fingerprinting Appointment which is more than 6 months from the date of their Submitted and Paid.
  • Has been more than 6 months from the date of their Submitted and Paid application(s) and it still shows "Submitted" or "Investigation" with no movement or contact from an Investigator.

We are excited to announce that 2A613.com has teamed up with an attorney who will submit on your behalf a letter to the NYPD Gun Licensing Unit.

This letter and method has proven to get applicants their Fingerprinting Appointment moved up by a few months.

And for those that have been sitting in limbo for months without any word from an Investigator got their applications approved within a few hours or days later.

Attorneys usually charge between $500.00 to $1,000.00 plus for this service. This attorney is willing to do this SPECIAL for the 2A 613 Community at a steep discounted rate of only $250.00 (non-negotiable to be paid directly to the attorney).

If you are interested and are a candidate for this service, please send an email to: founder@2a613.com

Please include ALL the following information: if you do not include ALL the following, your email request will be ignored.

-Your Full Name

-Your complete Address, City, State, Zip

-The DATE that you SUBMITTED your Application(s) along with a screenshot of the NYPD portal showing your current status. And attach the following: print to pdf the email confirmation that you received from the NYPD.

-The DATE the payment was completed. And attach the following: print to pdf the email confirmation of the receipt from the NYC PAY.

-Date of your Fingerprinting Appointment and Which office (1PP or Queens). And attach the following: print to pdf that email from the NYPD.

-Your Cell Phone Number.

-The name of the Investigator (if you know who it is). And if you had any communications with them. Dates, and what was discussed.

-Confirmation that you uploaded everything, including: the 4 Character References notarized, the 18 Hour Training Certificate, the Lifetime DMV Abstract, your Social Security Card, and ALL other required IDs and Forms, including the Interview Questionnaire.

-Any other details that you feel that you would like to share.

Should a Yid Apply For a Gun Permit?

By: Rabbi Shay Tahan

Do you want to know what the Torah and Chazal and the Halacha is pertaining to Firearm Ownership and our responsibilities including the sources etc.?

As the primary mover of the Beit Horaa, Rabbi Shay Tahan is very experienced and familiar with the world of halacha. He learned in the prestigious yeshiva Beit Shmaya and in Kiryat Malachi located in Eretz Yisrael. Rabbi Tahan continued on his path of learning Torah in the Mirrer Brooklyn for over the past 20 years. He received Smicha from several Torah giants such as Rabbi Shmuel Birnbaum, Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, Rabbi Yechezkel Roth, Rabbi Avraham Nelkenbaum, and others. His achievements include receiving smicha as a sofer stam in both ktiva and hagaa from Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Wosner, shimush in Shaatnez, shimush in bug checking, and also specializes in leniencies in matters of birth contraception from Rabbi Tzvi Meisels. Rabbi Tahan has been the head of the Beit Horaa for more than 3 years running and continues leading it. In addition, Rabbi Tahan has a radio show on JRoot radio every Friday, and gives shiurim on a variety of different topics. And has an extensive YouTube Channel that covers almost every type of question you have pertaining to the Halacha in our generation.

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Mainly due to the recent matzav that is happening, not only are fathers and grandfathers signing up for their 2nd Amendment rights, I have received 100's of requests from many mothers and grandmothers from the 613 communities that they want to apply for themselves as well. Because one cannot predict when an antisemitic attack will happen. If you follow the news, even somewhat, you hear and see that in New York City, crime it is out of control. And, living in a city with the failed DemocRats/Progressive policies, with the cashless bail laws etc., which is designed to protect the criminal vs. the victim - the time is now to be prepared.


I received this email from a mother in Brooklyn.

I applied for the permits using your website. I have forwarded the link to many of my friends. I asked my Rov what the Halacha is; a) a Yid to have a firearm and b) when it pertains to women. His response was very clear, the Halacha does not differentiate when it says, Haba L’Horgoch hashkem L’Horgoy. He also said it is your responsibility to get all the proper training, so in the event that ChasV’Shalom you need to use it, other bystanders don’t get injured or worse for your lack of training.

Thank you for all your wonderful work on the website and please inform other Yiddishe Mamas to apply as well.

SF, Brooklyn, NY 11204

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2A613.com Featured on MDY


With the matzav of what is going on in the world, Harav Eli Stefansky Shlit”a the Maagid Shiur of the most viewed and listened to Daf Hayomi Shiur, in his morning emails segment read my email on 10/31/2023 (Daf 79 in M’ Kedushin), discussing this website 2A613.com, on how we, can and should exercise our 2nd Amendment right, by applying and obtaining a legal firearm so we can defend ourselves legally against the Nazis Yimach Shimom of our generation who are waiting for the opportunity to cause us harm, Rachmona LiTzlan.

As mentioned in my email, we must also prepare ourselves, by learning Torah, Tefillah and GeMillas Chesed, proper training along with SiYata D’Shmaye.

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אם ה' לא ישמור עיר שווא שקד שומר

On a personal note if I may, it pays to join the MDY Shiur (or any Shiur)- it’s Geshmak and you will enjoy it and gain all the Brochos & Hashpois that Hashem bestows on someone that learns Torah and is Koveya Itim! - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Founded By New York's Top Firearms Attorney

As a prominent Second Amendment attorney serving New York for over 30 years and a gun owner, Mr. Peter (.שרגא פ) Tilem could not stand by as you are forced to bear the legal cost for physically defending yourself or your family.

He understands and cares for ‘our’ community.

Sign up and share this message with your 2A friends who will appreciate it: https://nytacdefense.com/sign-up/

Special to our community:

USE COUPON CODE: 2A613 to receive 10% OFF at sign up.

10% off all levels except silver annual which is already highly discounted.

The Silver annual goes down to $370 with our coupon code.


Why AOR and not US Law Shield or the USCCA?

Unlike most self-defense plans on the market, the Attorneys On Retainer Program is NOT backed by any insurance company. The Self-Protection Plans are administered by a law firm. This means the AOR are not required to adhere to the same restrictions and limitations that other insurance-backed programs must follow.

Also, it’s one of the only options available to New Yorkers.

Many of these companies that offer concealed carry insurance say they can provide significant financial assistance in the aftermath of a self-defense shooting. However, because they are backed by insurance companies, they will likely have EXCLUSIONS in their policies that allow them to DENY coverage.

USE COUPON CODE: 2A613 to receive $25.00 OFF at sign up.

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I am prepared, I got my CCW

Great. You exercised your 2nd Amendment right to self-defense and took the NYS 18 hour mandatory class, and now you carry your firearm and feel protected.

I hate to bust your bubble!

Unfortunately, the class that you took did not prepare you AT ALL! Yes, you heard about all the laws of where you can, and where not you can carry, the use of force, etc. etc.. IT did NOT teach you HOW. Let me explain.

You go to the range and feel that you got this. You can shoot the bulls eye from 25 yards. You consider yourself a pro. WRONG! There is a HUGE difference from standing in a safe environment, and your opponent is a paper target VS being faced with a threat to your life that warrants you to use your firearm in self defense. This skill can only be obtained if YOU TRAIN, and TRAIN and TRAIN. Taking a few (mandatory) courses is not sufficient.

PLEASE, PLEASE, take classes, find a school, find an instructor that you can trust and take this seriously. Be prepared to spend many hours to become a RESPONSIBLE CCW holder, and gain the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to be prepared in the event that YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!

Ignorance is the root of misfortune!

This is for the כלל ישראל Community
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